Stop&Shop and Facebook – A case study

February 2010 –
Strikes in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut
United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW)

The UFCW strike vote occurred after company negotiators insisted that union workers increase contributions to their health insurance and pension plans. According to union reps, the company also had been unwilling to give annual wage increases and wanted employees to accept bonuses instead. The strike was eventually averted with negotiations that centered on wage increases and health insurance contributions.

Social Media:

The UFCW set up a Facebook page during negotiations. It was a place for union members to post their thoughts on frustrations with management, experiences of employment, and share information around the potential strike and planned picketing. If an agreement had not been reached, the page would have become a single-stop destination for information on where to shop.

The UFCW has the youngest membership of any union in the US. This contributed to the success of the Facebook fan page created by strikers: If Stop & Shop Workers’ are forced to strike, Stop & Shop loses my business. The page had over 12,000 fans as of March 2010.

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