SEIU 1000

SEIU 1000 is a union that represents over 95,000 workers in the state of California. The union employs various strategies in order to share information with its members.  Similar to other unions, they use Facebook ( and Twitter (!/seiu1000/) to basic union and general information.  The union has also developed a customized news station that can be followed on their website or Youtube called Channel 1000.  The news station is a creative and unique way that the union bypasses mainstream news sources in order to provides its members with news relevant to their interests and needs.  The station can be followed at  Although this is a creative way to disperse information, it does not seem conducive to interactions amongst union members. It does not seem SEIU effectively uses their social media because they have only 1,801 followers on Facebook and 1,519 on Twitter.  This is a small following considering the union represents approximately 95,000 throughout California. Based on the union’s website it is unclear if there is any other social media tool in which members can interact with one another.

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