UCDavis Student WAGES


UC Davis students in Chris Benner’s course The Organization of Economic Space (Community and Regional Development 141) write detailed research papers analyzing  patterns of global economic restructuring and how this restructuring is affecting the livelihoods of workers and their communities throughout the globe.  Gathered here are some of the best papers that these students have produced.

Betting on Debt: How the Credit Card Industry Preys on Those Who Can’t Pay
Alycia Thompson

The Maintenance and Re-Emergence of Small Scale Agriculture Through Value-Driven Alternative Approaches to Agriculture
Brynden Stueve

The Impact of Grocery Store Consolidation on Rural Communities
Aileen Smith

California’s Wine Industry: An Economic Power House
Ian Storti

Can You Hear Me Now? How Cell Phones Can Revolutionize Agriculture in Kenya
Sarah Sahlaney

Shopping in the Dot.com Era: Virtual Retailers and the Emergence of the E-conomy Andrew Freiwald

Mobile Payment Technologies: Offering Opportunities to Farmers’ Market Vendors Francisca Henriquez

Post-Modernism and the Changing Nature of War
Alexandra da Costa

Youtubed Education
Izzy Bronstein

@IcelandInspired: How the Internet and Social Media Marketing Fueled the Rise of Tourism in Iceland
Kelsey Barale

Digitizing Maps in University Libraries
Jonathan Alcantar

Growth of the Tourism Industry: Social and Economic Changes for Contemporary Cuba Mayra Aguilar

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